Scott County

Scott County

Type: No Civil War memorials (primary) or other memorials referencing those who served (secondary) have been identified as existing in this county.

Description: Scott County was organized 1886. It was named for General Winfield Scott (1786-1866)

Scott County has a population of 4,936 (2010 census).

The following cemeteries have been investigated:
  • Grigston Cemetery (south east of Grigston)
  • Modoc Cemetery (east of Modoc)
  • Pence Cemetery (south east of Pence)
  • Scott County Mennonite Cemetery (north of Modoc)
  • Scott City Cemetery (south west of Scott City)
The county seat (Scott City) has also been explored for monuments associated with the County Courthouse.

investigated by DE McGovern 2007, 2010