Logan County

Logan County

Type: No Civil War memorials (primary) or other memorials referencing those who served (secondary) have been identified as existing in this county.

Description: Logan County was organized September 17, 1887. It was named to honor the late General John A. Logan. The county seat was changed from Russell Springs to Oakley in 1963. Russell Springs was founded in 1865. It was the Eaton stop on the Butterfield Overland Dispatch stage line connecting Fort Riley, Kansas, to the Colorado gold mines.

Logan County has a population of 2,756 (2010 census).

The following cemeteries have been investigated:
  • Monument
    • Monument Cemetery
  • Oakley
    • Oakley Cemetery
  • Page City
    • Page Cemetery
  • Russell Springs
    • Keystone Cemetery (SE of Russell Springs)
    • Russell Springs Cemetery
  • Winona
    • Saint Joseph Cemetery
    • Winona Cemetery
The old and new county seats (Russell Springs and Oakley) have also been explored.

investigated by DE McGovern 2006, 2007