While there are likely many monuments yet to identify,
there are some which were known at one time but have since been lost.
These may be:
  • MONUMENTS that may have been moved, destroyed, or dismantled
  • CANNONS that may have been moved or stolen melted down for scrap in WW II metal drives
  • STAINED GLASS WINDOWS that may have been moved or destroyed
  • MEMORIAL TREES that are gone with no known existing relics
These deserve recognition so that while they may be Gone,
they will Not be Forgotten




PHOTO (if available)

(Peter Pan Park)
Lyon County

Hidden deep in Peter Pan Park is a clearing with a monument and two stone benches. The monument has a marble plaque engraved: "In memory ~ of the ~ United Spanish ~ War Veterans". There was originally a 45 foot flagpole included in this grouping. The Daughters of Union Veterans, Department of Kansas, presented the pole and flag to the city of Emporia. A bronze plaque read, "The Flag Our Fathers Saved. Dedicated May 14, 1934 to Our Fathers by the Daughters of Union Veterans. 1861- Civil War - 1865." Both the flagpole and the plaque are now gone. - Osprey, 2009.

Johnson County

"There are also soldier monuments in the cemeteries at Monticello, Gardner, and Spring Hill, Johnson county, costing each about $400, raised by subscription, erected shortly after the one at Olathe" - Martin, 1910.

This site has been inspected several times and the monument has not been located.
No known photograph

Kansas City,
(Huron Cemetery)
Wyandotte County

A WRC marker is reputed by "War Monuments, 2007" to be at a flagpole in the Huron cemetery.

This site has been inspected several times and the marker has not been located.
No known photograph

(Graceland Cemetery)
Meade County

This monument, of unknown construction, was erected in 1886 by Meade Center Post No. 388 G.A.R. It was replaced in 1927 by a new granite monument erected by the American Legion.

Reported by RM Thies

Refer to Meade, Meade County entry for related information.

Marion County

A corn monument was assembled for the 1885 State Fair. A likeness of U.S Grant was on the base. This monument was replicated in 1901.

Reported by RM Thies





PHOTO (if available)

(Seneca Cemetery)
Nemaha County

A 3-Inch Ordnance Rifle is mounted on a restored wooden carriage. This cannon was originally in the City Cemetery (north of town). It was remounted on a wooden carriage and moved to the American Legion Earle W Taylor Post Number 21 hall in about 2005.

There are no remnants of the original mounting in the Cemetery.

Refer to Seneca, Nemaha County entry for related information.

(Stafford Cemetery)
Stafford County

The limestone monument and flagpole were originally joined with a 3-Inch Ordnance Rifle. This was obtained by the local GAR post in May 1908 and dedicated along with newly placed limestone monument on 4 June 1908 in the City Cemetery.

It is not known when this cannon was moved from the cemetery.

Refer to Stafford, Stafford County entry for related information.
No known photograph of the cannon emplaced in the cemetery

Pawnee Rock,
Barton County

The remains of two cannon mounts are postioned near the top of Pawnee Rock. It is reported that the tubes were stolen about 1936. - Stark, 1997.

Pawnee Rock

Pawnee Rock

Sedgwick County

"At Wichita, the soldiers have a 7000 pound 11-inch Columbia gun, properly mounted." - Martin, 1910

This was really an 8 inch Rodman Columbiad, given to the local GAR post before 1898. It was collected and melted during a WW II scrap drive. - Blake, 2007





PHOTO (if available)

Elk County

Stained Glass windows commemorating G.A.R. Post 23 in Howard Kansas.

"These stained glass windows were removed from a church in Howard, Kansas before it was demolished about 30 years ago. These are the original windows that were installed when the church was first build, circa 1876. When the windows were removed from the church, they were donated to (then) Mid-America Nazarene College in Olathe, Kansas. The windows were auctioned off by the college at an annual fund raising event. The windows were purchased at action in the 1980's and were in storage ever since".
The final disposition of these windows is not known.
Topeka Howard    Howard

Leavenworth County

A stained glass window was originally installed in the Ward Memorial Hall at the Wadsworth Veterans Home (now the Eisenhower VA Center) in Leavenworth. It is described in a Kansas City Star article from July 8, 1960, as:

"On a landing of the staircase leading to the second floor, is a large stained glass window. The window was donated by the 'City of St. Louis, Sept. 17, 1887, the 21st Annual Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic'.

The dominant figure of the window is Abraham Lincoln, light focuses on the whites of his cuffs, emphasizing sinewy hands, clenched in a fist. A scroll on the table reads; 'The Union Must, and Shall Be Preserved' ".

This building was razed and the window is possibly in storage.

Reported by RM Thies
No known photograph

(Washburn Chapel)
Shawnee County

"In the chapel at Washburn College there are two memorial windows. One is inscribed: "My Country, 'Tis Of Thee. In Memoriam, John H. Bartlett, Co. F, 20th Kansas Vol. Inf.; Died In Hospital, July 14, 1898." The second bears the name of "Richard M. Coulson, Co. H, 22d Vol. Inf.; Died In Hospital, Sept. 23, 1898." - Martin, 1910.

The MacVicar Chapel was destroyed in an F5 tornado on June 8, 1966.
No known photographs of these windows

Shawnee County

It is reputed that a 12' x 25' soldier memorial window was donated by the G.A.R. to the First Lutheran Church in Topeka. This was sold to Calvary Baptist in the early sixties (including the window). Champney Wrecking demolished the building in 1991.

The whereabouts of this window are unknown.

Reported by B Tarr

Photographs by EF Tonsig
Topeka Topeka    Topeka


Sedgwick County

A Stained glass window was offered for sale in 2002 at Old Town Architectural Salvage, 126 N Saint Francis St, Wichita KS 67202

Neither the original location nor the whereabouts of this window are unknown

Reported by S Bell




PHOTO (if available)

Franklin County

A tree dedicated to the GAR was planted on the grounds of the Franklin County Courthouse on April1, 1911


Rice County

There is a monument at the Sterling Library (138 N Broadway). A Bronze plaque on this monument reads: "This gun is to mark ~ those two trees planted ~ by the W.R.C. 237 in memory ~ of Mead Post No 14 G.A.R. ~ Dept. of Kansas".

There are no known remains of these trees

Refer to Sterling, Rice County entry for related information.


Shawnee County

There is a monument at the Topeka Cemetery, Guilford G. Gage Memorial Area. A small plaque located near this monument reads: "This Tree Planted ~ In Memory Of ~ Our Veterans ~ By The ~ American Legion Auxiliary ~ 1939

Refer to Topeka, Shawnee County Monuments entry for related information

Refer to Topeka, Shawnee County entry for related information.